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AmCham Shanghai welcomes the input of both members and non members to present stimulating and informative topics to the membership. It is through our numerous events that American businesses in China can identify and discuss common issues, share best practices and network with peers.
Step 1 - Finding a Sponsor

The first step to is to find a committee to sponsor your event - AmCham Shanghai has 22 active committees which are divided along industry and functional lines. Each committee has a Chair, Vice Chairs and a committed working group supported by an AmCham staff Committee Liaison. If you have topic that would be of interest to any or a number of Committees, please contact the AmCham Committees Director:

Ms. Stefanie Myers Tel: 6279-7119
Fax: 6279-7643 Email:
Please provide the following information about your proposed presentation:
  • Presentation title
  • Speaker name, title and biography
  • Overview of the topic which may be used on the "event notification email"
  • Actual presentation (power point slides)
  • Detailed speech outline (if not using power point presentation)
  • Suggest at least three available dates (usually need around 2 months notice)
Do you have a topic that doesn't fall into any of the above areas?
Please contact the AmCham Event Director directly:
Ms. Jessica Wu Tel: 6279-7484
Fax: 6279-7643 Email:

Step 2 - Quality Assurance
Once you have forwarded the above information, it will be subject to our quality assurance review process which examines the presentation with regard to our quality guidelines:
Each committee should contact directly with the following information about your proposed presentation:
Conceptual models and methodological illustrations/case-studies should be balanced with information on practical application to China's cultural, business and technological situation.

Relationship to Best Practices:
Best practices are of strong interest, but should be presented within the context of realistic issues and trends for successful execution in China.

Temporal Relevance to China Market:
Leading edge solutions that are 2-3 years off before they can be applied in China are of lesser interest than models, methods and solutions that can be applied within the next 12 months.

Avoidance of Commercial "Pitch":
We will studiously avoid an overt PR or sales "pitch" from speakers, and follow a well defined presentation review process. Own company information should be limited to one slide, slides may include company logo.

Value to AmCham Membership:
Such speaking events are an opportunity for indirect exposure for the presenting company, obtained because of the value of the information "take-aways" provided by the speaker to the AmCham audience [from the Amcham members' perspective]

The speaker's presentation material should be publishable on the AmCham website

It is recommended that speaker presentations use only white text on a dark background OR black text on a white background. Other color combinations are often too difficult to read. Never write in red or green or yellow. Font size should be no less than 20pt. Avoid using red and green together in diagrams.
If your presentation does not meet our criteria you may be asked to resubmit your presentation based on changes recommended by the reviewer. If you are unwilling or unable to provide a suitable revision then AmCham will be not be able to proceed with the event application.
Step 3 - Execution
Now that your topic has been approved the Committee Chair and Event Director will confirm a suitable date and book the meeting facilities. As AmCham has over 220 events per year the next available speaking slot may not be up to two months away.
What AMCHAM will be responsible for:
  • Event agenda and timing
  • Providing the event MC
  • Venue selection and confirmation
  • Menu and pricing
  • Providing event equipment
  • Announcement
  • RSVP collections (please note some events may be cancelled due to inadequate attendance)
  • Event day logistics arrangements
  • Post event satisfaction survey
What YOU will be responsible for:
  • Arriving in advance to do a brief run-through
  • Keeping to the allotted and agreed to time frame
  • Providing the names of people from your company who will be attending the event.
Please note direct hire employees of your company will be requested to pay the member price.
Intellectual Property and the AmCham website:
Unless otherwise stated, all AmCham events are off the record. Reporters may attend events but must approach the speaker after the event for specific "on the record" comments.

Speakers are however requested to authorize AmCham to post a copy of their presentation on the AmCham website. If the actual presentation itself contains sensitive information we may make it "members only access" OR request an abridged presentation be made available for posting.
Self Promotion
  • AmCham events are not a venue to make a sales pitch.
  • Presentation material may be distributed at check in desk.
  • Business cards may be collected at the check in table.
  • A print copy of the RSVP list can be provided upon request.
  • Company banners are generally not permitted

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