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     Member Training Program: Leadership Image and Personal Brand (Chinese Session)(Pre-paid)  (Pre-paid event)
  Event Type: Member Training Program (Public)
  Date: Friday, January 13, 2017, 08:30 to 17:00
  Venue: AmCham Shanghai Conference Center Suite 568, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Road West    Map
上海美国商会会议室 南京西路1376号,上海商城568室    地图
  Cost: Member (RMB): 2,575.00
Member Company Employee (RMB): 3,605.00
Non-Member (RMB): 4,635.00
  Payment Method: - Bank Transfer
- Pay Online

This is a pre-paid event, and seats will not be guaranteed until payment is completed.


Member Training Program: Leadership Image and Personal Brand (Chinese Session)(Pre-paid)

As we all know, personal appearance determines how people look at you for the first impression. Personal appearance not only demonstrates personal taste but also plays a role in assessing your professional leadership impact; furthermore, personal appearance represents and transfers the image of your enterprise to some extent.

There are different rules and requirements considering different industries. Because fashion trends change all the time, it leads to the transformation from traditional suits to personalized business clothes.

Here comes the burning question, what kind of suit is acceptable in the workplace and what kind of professional image is more in line with the corporate style?

Session Outline:

  • Scope of leadership impact and influence
  • Professional appearance introduction
  • The principle of business dress (Man and Woman)
  • Self-awareness on color and fashion style
  • Show the personal power and promote your professional image
  • How to be in line with the requirements of corporate culture?

Who Should Attend?
Senior Executives, Sales Director, Technical Executives, and Senior Managers who want to upgrade their professional image.

08:30 Registration
09:00 Morning Session Starts
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Afternoon Session Starts
17:00 Session Ends

我们都知道,每个人的仪容(静)+ 仪态(动)构成了个人的仪表(整体),而个人仪表是“第一印象”的主要因素。尤其在职场上,“第一印象”显得格外重要,因为他/她不仅仅代表着其个人的品位,也影响着人们对其领导力专业性的判断,更是时时刻刻都在代表和传递着企业的形象。


  • 领导者的影响力范畴
  • 通过大量的互动练习,角色扮演来解析个人仪容、仪态、仪表与职业形象的关联性
  • 选择适合职业要求的商务装束
  • 塑造拥有自我风格的职业专业形象
  • 个人形象如何跟企业文化相结合

企业中高管, 销售总监,技术高管,以及其他想要提升专业形象的资深经理人士等

吴俊财(James Ng) 欧信国际合伙人兼三师会总裁
吴俊财先生拥有27年的管理经验,并主持了不少小范围的高端私人董事圆桌会议,行业圆桌会议和大型的领导力会议。除了活跃于领导力培训,吴先生也是专业教练,为全球500强企业高管进行一对一或团队教练,他也是中欧管理学院和安泰经济与管理学院等的职业领导力和规划特邀分享嘉宾。在加入欧信国际集团之前,吴先生曾担任丰隆亚洲家用电器部总裁,负责年销售额6亿美元业务并管理一万五千名员工。在此之前,吴先生担任德国拜尔斯多夫中国区董事总经理兼亚太区销售副总裁职务。吴先生是全球教练联盟(ICF)会员,NLP教练和受认证的职业教练。 他拥有美国芝加哥大学布特商学院MBA学位。

卜静怡(Jenny) 自由讲师,CIPT国际职业培训师,性格色彩密码(FPA)授权讲师,西蔓色彩授证培训师
卜静怡女士对每个人充满着热情、真挚和细腻的关怀,最擅长的就是与人沟通并有着完美的技巧。近20年外企的工作经历、12年销售管理经验以及数百场培训演讲的历练,使得Jenny在培训中潜移默化地运用自己的经验和见解,让学员在快乐中学习、在反思中成长。2004年至今,Jenny用了近10年时间,全面系统地研究关于“色彩”分别表现在人们Inside & Outside的奇妙关系,不但让学员在外在形象上更注重传递职业感,更让学员能够快速掌握处理或解决人际关系中的困惑与冲突的技能。
她曾培训过的公司包括,三菱商事,三菱电机,三星电子,佳通轮胎,通用电气,杜邦(上海),道达尔石油,英国石油,史丹利五金,卡夫食品,康宝莱,百事可乐,延峰伟世通,诺贝尔太古漆油,贝尔.阿尔卡特,瓦克化学,德国德莎,辉瑞(上海),百时美施贵宝,拜耳,飞利浦,伊莱克斯,埃森哲管理咨询,尼尔森市场调研,博格华纳,德尔福,沃尔沃,泰科电子,SGS, 西门子,欧莱雅,兄弟集团,TUV等。


  • All registrations shall be made online before the session. For full-day sessions, payment also shall be made before the session.
  • For half-day sessions, AmCham Shanghai members are eligible to attend free of charge with Training Credit*; AmCham Shanghai members without Training Credit are eligible to attend at “Member Rate”; Employees who work at AmCham Shanghai member companies are eligible to attend at "Employee Rate".
  • For full-day sessions, AmCham Shanghai members are eligible to attend at “Member Rate”; Employees who work at AmCham Shanghai member companies are eligible to attend at “Employee Rate”; Non-members are eligible to attend at “Non-Member Rate”.
  • Limited spaces are available and attendance will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Members please bring your membership card and non-members bring your business card upon check-in at the training session.

Walk-in and Cancellation Policy:

  • This session requires confirmation of attendance in advance. If you attend this session without prior registration, you will be charged an RMB50 "walk-in" fee as member and RMB100 as employee.
  • Cancellation: If you need to cancel your registration for a half-day session, please notify Kelly Deng at (86 21) 6279 7119 ext. 4580 or email no less than 24 hours in advance. If you need to cancel your registration for a full-day session, please notify Kelly Deng at least two weeks prior to the session for a full refund. Cancellation made within two weeks before the session will not be refundable.
  • To ensure that you have a seat, please come to the session on time. Open seats will be released to other guests 15 minutes after the session starts.


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